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Brand building comes down to 3 things: soul, strategy, and style. They’re like 3 legs of a stool; without one, you’ll fall… or at least teeter uncomfortably, struggling to find balance. (Hey, at least you’ll strengthen your abs?) Over centuries of industrialization, we’ve lost sight of the first leg: soul. It’s been far more acceptable […]

SOUL has entered the (business) chat


The word “brand” (and the education and resources surrounding it) are still quite nuanced – it can mean different things to different people. This is why we want to share with you the two essential components of a brand to help set up you up for success in 2022 and beyond.

Brand Strategy vs Brand Communications: What you need to grow in 2022


Most businesses jump straight into a design project without some key elements in place.

How to save money on logo or web design projects


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We’re here to clear a few things up. Join us in our new Soul & Strategy Series to learn how to build a business and brand that has lasting impact. (Hint: it’s not as easy as you think it is, but it’s also not as hard.)

The best brands are built from the soul up


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A digital marketing agency can be a very useful investment (i.e. crucial!) if and when your foundation is solid. Measure yourself with our simple checklist to determine whether your next step is digital marketing or core branding.

When to Invest More in Digital Marketing


Should we be striving to create a “tried and true” scientific method to compel the soul? Even thinking about it makes me cringe and laugh uneasily. I think the human soul deserves more than a team of marketing suits and some seriously underhanded manipulation.

On Compelling the Human Soul


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As we enter into what I’ve dubbed “Co. 2.0”, I want to share the story of this evolution. Transformation can be uncomfortable and exciting, and I hope my experience offers nuggets of wisdom on your journey to bigger and better things.

The Journey to Co. 2.0


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