coming out of the entrepreneurial closet

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a love note from our founder + ceo.

the last 2.5 years of entrepreneurship have been quite the adventure. but through all the ups and downs, I haven’t been overly vocal about this adventure; the majority of people who know me don’t really even know what I do.

this is for two reasons. the first - I’ve been figuring it out as I go. clarity (for me) comes in waves. sometimes a huge tide comes in and pushes me into an entirely different current. and sometimes I’m left floating, hoping and praying for a wave. my progress has been slower than I’d like (but that’s also just because I’m a bit impatient). so, because the clarity around my work, my purpose has been unfolding on its own schedule, I haven’t been ready to speak about my work in a BIG way. I’ve been waiting for something to “click” (spoiler alert: it did).

the other reason why it took 2.5 years to come out of my entrepreneurial closet is because my story (the running narrative in my subconscious) is “I'm not enough.” not good enough, not successful enough, not perfect enough… you get the idea. in my warped view of the world, it’s scary to put myself out there - to allow myself to shine - because my shine feels “not [insert adjective here] enough” compared to other people’s shine. the perfectionism and comparison trap is REAL, friends. I’ve done a TON of work (coaching, introspection, healing, reading, etc.) to help me move out of this story… because it’s just that. a story. an illusion. but it doesn't happen overnight.

so now that you know why I haven’t talked about my work, let me tell you why I’m ready now. things have clicked. I’m at a point with my work that I know isn’t my final destination, but it’s the first REAL stop along the way. all roads lead me here. the lessons, the experiments, the joys, the tears, the debt (oh, the debt!). where I’m at now is WORTH sharing - not for my own egoic pleasure, but because I now know how to best use my gifts to serve others.

also. fuck my story of “not enough.” fuck the illusion of perfectionism, the fear of judgement, the fear of being SEEN. I am a Leo after all, I was born for the spotlight.

this time last year, studio co.creative was born. it’s the business through which I offer marketing consulting, web design, and brand + marketing strategy. I dubbed it an “anti-marketing marketing agency” because I care more about truth, authenticity, resonance, and alignment than I do about funnels and analytics. this year. I hired some of my favourite people to work with me. we’ve done great work with amazing clients (and a lot of fun doing it), but something still hadn’t clicked for me. I started this business to serve “soulpreneurs” (AKA solo-preneurs with soulful businesses), but somehow we lost track of them along the way.

so here’s what we did. we took our whole process and turned it into a program. it's a mix of online coursework, 1-on-1 coaching, and curated add-ons for custom work. it brings together all our branding and marketing knowledge, our partners ("co-creators"), and our community of beautiful soulpreneurs... and delivering it in a cost-effective way. oh - and we called it BEGIN. - because its purpose is to help people break out of their self-made boxes and do the right steps, in the right order, to begin their business (or begin again). 

today, our program launched. my baby has been born into the world. it's crazy to see something come to life that we've put SO much love, thought, and hard work into. and I know this is only the beginning of our journey with it...

I share all this with you, my community, because I'm beginning too. I've received the most incredible support, encouragement, help, and love from my people. I couldn't have done this alone... and I'm going to need your continued support! that is the essence of co.creation. 

I'm also sharing this because I know this program will truly help entrepreneurs. I know it deep within my heart. so if you - or anyone in your circle - could use some soulful support in developing an authentic brand, website, and marketing strategy, come BEGIN with us. we have lots of fun. and love. and wine.

if you've read this far... thank you. your support means the world.
now get ready to see a lot more from me. 

xo Robyn