10 lessons from attending the most epic event ever


I’m just coming back from an incredible four days of being immersed in Summit’s flagship event, LA18.

It’s hard to capture the experience in words — between seeing some of the world’s top leaders and speakers (yes, I cried the whole time Eckhart Tolle was speaking), dancing and wine tasting under the stars, meditating to sound baths, and connecting with inspirational and influential people from all over the world, LA18 was an energetic UP-LEVEL.

As I come back on this high of connection, inspiration, and magic, here are a few lessons that stood out to me along the way…

A look back at Summit LA18. November 2 - 5, 2018, Summit gathered some of the world's brightest leaders for three days of connection, inspiration, and fun in downtown Los Angeles.

  1. Nothing beats #IRL. The internet is a wonderful thing, but can’t even come close to the magic of in-person conversation and connection.

  2. Balance Plan + Flow. Have an intention and a loose itinerary for your day, but be open to having things change as you go. Use your intuition to figure out where you need to be.

  3. Be the person people want to know. Genuine kindness and connection — with a little dose of mystery — is what makes people irresistible.

  4. Know when to talk and when to listen. You might naturally fall to one end of the spectrum, so challenge yourself to move to the less-comfortable end — you never know what you’ll learn by listening, or who you’ll inspire when speaking.

  5. Shrink your world. The most famous/important/influential/game-changing people can be closer than you think.

  6. Find what lights a fire under your ass. And when you find it, make it a priority and tend to it DAILY.

  7. Know that manifesting is real and possible. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, and pay attention to the "winks from the universe" that guide you there.

  8. Seek to create a temporary alternative universe in your gatherings. Start with a purpose for gathering, then add rules and rituals, close the doors, and hold space for the purpose to manifest.

  9. Believe in yourself. Persistence, awareness, expanding, visioning, learning, and connecting are the key to magnificent success.

  10. There is more joy, beauty, and possibility available to us than we can ever know.

We can’t wait to bring this energy back to our community and keep the momentum going.

xo Robyn