what's on your christmas list this year?

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Merry, Holy, Happy

Wishing you a season full of Christmas miracles, holiday blessings, and New Years magic.

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Status update -

If you're wondering why we've been a little quiet over here - 2018 has been a wild and crazy ride, filled with incredible clients, the launch of our new program, and lots of learning and growth. We've been meaning to send an email or two, but apparently the marketer's company is never marketed. (How many of you can relate?)

In short: we've been BUSY AF. (New Year's Resolution: find a better word for busy.) The year also brought with it three full- and part-time team members, new creative partners, and a new and totally different business plan (hah!). Some may call us crazy. I call us inspired. Now we're headed into the new year with big goals and open hearts. 

Here are a few of our favourite (2018) things...

1. We launched BEGIN.

We poured all of our knowledge and love into this hybrid DIY-meets-1-on-1-coaching program. It was designed to help "soulpreneurs" launch or grow their business. And boy oh boy do we have an incredible group of women working through it so far.

Learn more →

2. We went to some kickass conferences.

Everything is better with palm trees and sunshine. A few of us headed down to Cali to attend Designer Vaca and Summit LA18. We learned a ton, met the most incredible people, and came back with all the inspiration to plan BIG for 2019.

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3. We made a website and marketing strategy or two.

As mom would say, we did good work, with good people, for good purpose. Although I'd replace "good" with AMAZING.


Now that we've done the cliché Christmas update, we have one last request: let's try a new version of an adult gift exchange.

Here's what on our Christmas list this year:

1. We want to help more entrepreneurs launch + grow their soul-based business. If you know of anyone, anywhere in the world, who needs to BEGIN, please send them our way! Bonus: until January 31, as a thank-you, we'll send you $250 for each new client you refer.

2. Creating custom brands, websites, and strategies makes our heart sing. We'd love to work with more small-to-medium businesses who are FUN and doing great work in the world. Send a warm intro and we'll take it from there.

3. We will be doing lots of events and workshops in the new year! We'd love to know what kinds of presentations/lessons would be most helpful to you. Website tutorials? Strategy tips? Motivational talks? Let us know.

4. World peace. But actually - happier businesses, friendships, and families are a by-product of self-care. Please don't forget to take some time for yourself amidst the chaos that this season can bring.(We want to practice what we preach, so we'll be out-of-office until January 3rd.)

Now here's the fun part: send us a message and tell us what's on yours.

What do you & your business need as you head into 2019? 

Better health? New clients? Creative partners? An assistant? An accountant? A great read? More sales? Mentorship or coaching?

Of course, we might not be able to help - but if we can connect you with the right person/idea/book/event/etc., nothing would make us happier (for real). Click here to send us your list.

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Thank you for being a part of our 2018. Now let's co-create a beautiful 2019.

Sending love, gratitude, and holiday vibes,

xo team co.creative