the key to magnetic marketing


Danielle LaPorte is one of our most favourite humans when it comes to all things Truth, magic, and "soul-preneurship". She recently wrote this:


The how-to of effective publicity? It’s rooted in your desire to Serve.

If you’re on this planet to help people, then stepping into the spotlight is part of your service. Being visible is how you spread your light—in podcasts, blogs, talk shows, magazines, the papers, the ‘gram (wherever your people are).

Your Resistance may say it’s egotistical. Or that you’re an imposter. But...stop. Stop that. Just turn yourself toward your passion and your creativity, and follow that.

I gave up being super pushy about marketing + publicity a long time ago. Doesn’t mean I’m not strategic, I’m just not rabid and um, ultra clever about it all. Here’s what I KNOW: the key to effective marketing is your generosity, and clear drive to be USEFUL. It’s magnetic. It’s rooted in your desire to Serve.


BAM. Couldn’t say it better myself. (Really, I tried, it’s in our manifesto, but this is next-level.)

What I will say, though, is: all you entrepreneurs out there, stop trying so hard. Relax, and settle into the heart and soul of your business. Speak, operate, and market from there. It may seem scary at first, (okay, it will be scary. It’s super vulnerable.) but we believe this is where the magic happens. Things will start to flow; your people will appear out of nowhere; the fear will dissipate; your bank account will grow; and most importantly, you’ll be in your bliss

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