why does your business need to exist?


February is the month of love, so here’s a love letter to our clients and co.creators. It can be so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind that sometimes we forget to pause and reflect on why we need our business, why it needs us, and ultimately, why it needs to exist.

As I started writing this letter to you, calling you to reflect on your "why" and your unique gifts, I found I was really writing to myself. I needed to remind myself of my purpose, and why the work I do does, in fact, matter. Being an entrepreneur is hard AF - I was recently joking with fellow entrepreneurs about how Kleenex should start a campaign to sponsor entrepreneurs (because even in my low moments I'm still thinking about marketing campaigns). So this note is for me just as much as it is for you.


You have a calling. A gift. A passion. Something that the world needs; something that you need - because keeping it inside or playing small is even harder than taking the leap. This burning desire to create/heal/teach ebbs and flows... but sometimes it feels like there's way more of the ebbs. It's hard to keep the fire alive when bills are piling up, when you haven't paid yourself in months, when you've given it everything you have and the to-do list is still miles long.

I often wonder: how do we find the balance between being "practical" and facing the struggles, and keeping our "dreaming" alive - the side of us that had the vision to start these businesses in the first place?

Thankfully, I have amazing people around me who keep me rooted in my "why" (entrepreneurship tip #1: community is everything). They remind me of the clients I’ve helped, the people I've inspired, and how far I actually have come (entrepreneurship tip #2: celebrate the small wins more frequently).

And when I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown, all I have to do is picture the faces of my clients (and my future clients) and remember I’m doing this for THEM. I'm doing this because I have a vision of a better world, a world in which soul-centred entrepreneurs are thriving, where they're living in alignment and abundance, helping those who need them. I believe in the ripple effect - that if I can help more of those entrepreneurs build better businesses, they can help more clients learn/grow/heal/succeed, who will in turn do the same for their people.

Have you paused recently to reflect on why you're doing what you're doing (or why you want to create the kind of business you're dreaming of)? From what I've seen with clients, peers, and friends, businesses that are deeply rooted in (true) purpose are the ones that appear, as if by magic, to take off.

The very first lesson we teach in our online program, BEGIN, is "Purpose" - because no great brand or marketing strategy exists without purpose driving every decision or design.

So wherever you're at - in a corporate job dreaming of your future business, or rocking it out after years of building and growing, the need for purpose remains. that's where the magic is, and that's where true "success" is found.

Why does your business need to exist? Who do you serve? How do you transform people's lives? What gifts do you have bursting at the seams, ready to come out? How will you bless yourself and others with an abundance of time, money, and success?

My guess: it'll change the world, babe.

xo Robyn