begin: an online program to Build or refine your soul-based brand

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soul. style. strategy.

build your brand in 28 days

The BEGIN program was created using Studio Co.Creative's proprietary brand style + strategy process, and customized specifically for “soulpreneurs”. The program is offered in an online format that combines learning + exercises with one-on-one coaching for personalized support and expertise. You'll also have access to optional, affordable add-on services for the bits and pieces you may not want to DIY, allowing you to custom-tailor the program.

BEGIN has been designed to get you OUT of the perfectionism trap and overwhelm (we've all been there!), and into bringing your business to life with beauty, alignment, and ease. There's so much to learn when it comes to branding and marketing your business, so let us break it down and guide you through the essential building blocks so that you can work smart (and heart), not hard.



BEGIN is offered in 9 lessons — each includes a video and guidebook with exercises, plus bonus content throughout. Lessons are organized super intentionally so that you don’t miss a step.



BEGIN includes group and one-on-one coaching for tailored support and expertise. We’ll discuss the work you’ve done, answer questions, and provide tips to bring it to the next level (because magic lies in co-creation).



BEGIN includes a private community for co-creation, connection, and support. We’ve also rounded up our amazing partners to offer access to a variety of optional add-on services.

 at studio co.creative, we want to uncover the best and truest version of your brand. the best and truest version of you. chisel it away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you. 
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we believe in the ripple effect.

and we want to ripple hard.

Entrepreneurs are faced with an interesting challenge in today's technology-based world. It's never been easier to create a business, but all of the tools and platforms that we have access to is overwhelming. There's always a new trend, a new strategy, a new tip to try.

Heart-centred entrepreneurs have an even harder challenge to overcome. How do we allow our authenticity - our light - to translate into the online sphere? How do we balance traditional "marketing strategy" with nontraditional businesses?

For most of you, the world of branding, marketing, and social media is just as exciting as it is terrifying… but hiring marketing agencies to do the work for you isn’t always possible, especially for entrepreneurs just starting out (hello bootstrap budget).

With that in mind, our team set out on a mission to create a new way to support your entrepreneurial journey, while keeping our manifesto front and center. To summarize: we believe in Energy. Vibration. Resonance. We believe in what we call the lighthouse effect – your tribe will arrive in your harbour, so long as your business is authentically shining its light. Our desire is to uncover the best and truest version of your brand; the best and truest version of you. Chisel it away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you.

Our expertise – coupled with this desire – led us to create BEGIN: brand style + strategy for soulpreneurs. We believe that the more soul-based businesses we can empower to show up and shine, the more clients they’ll be able to serve, and the better our world will be. #rippleeffect

When you don’t know where to start, or when DIY just doesn’t cut it; when a marketing agency is beyond your budget, or when your spirit is getting lost in the shuffle, we’re here for you. BEGIN’s purpose is to co-create with you, supporting your need for brand style + strategy. One that’s aligned with the very soul of your business. One that makes you excited to turn on your computer every day.

Its purpose is to also help you, well... begin! Get you out of your rut / perfectionism trap / inertia / overwhelm by laying the proper groundwork – the right steps in the right order – to create a solid foundation for your business.

BEGIN is delivered in an ingenious way (if we do say so ourselves). It’s a 28-day online program that combines DIY learning + exercises with group AND one-on-one coaching for personalized support and expertise. You’ll also have access to optional, affordable add-on services for the bits and pieces you may not want to DIY (i.e. photography, copywriting, graphic design), allowing you to custom-tailor the program. The cherry on top? An incredible group of soulpreneuers to connect and journey with.

Are you ready to begin?

Brittany Veenhuysen Testimonial

“BEGIN has been instrumental in helping me get my business and brand off the ground.”

I've found clarity in what I want to do, who I want to serve, and how to bring it to life in an authentic and aligned way. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the big picture, BEGIN's step-by-step process has made it simple for me to take it one step at a time. I know that when I run into blocks (and I have!), the support is there to help me work through them and keep moving.

The co.creative team is inspiring, fun, amazing at what they do, and out there to change the world, one business at a time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these badass ladies to anyone who wants to build a business they love, within a heart-centred community!

— Brittany V.

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what you’ll learn.

  • The first step to creating a great brand (hint: it’s not your logo)

  • How to articulate your gifts, purpose, mission, and vision (every great brand needs a raison d'être)

  • How to create values that align with your soul, and resonate with your dream client

  • Figure out who your dream client actually is (and no, it’s not “everyone”)

  • How to define and position your products + services in a captivating way

  • Tips on business strategy and revenue streams (girl’s gotta get paid!)

  • How to bring your brand to life visually (colours, photos, and fonts, oh my!)

  • All of the elements involved in naming your business (even if you already have a name)

  • How to communicate your brand in a strong and consistent brand voice (consistency is key)


what you’ll get.

  • Access to 9 lessons, sequentially designed to guide you through building your brand from the soul up

  • Each lesson includes a video + guidebook with inspiration, education, instructions, exercises, and templates

  • Monthly group calls to ask questions and connect with your community

  • One hour-long Values Workshop, structured to collaboratively work through value development

  • One hour-long Clarity Call with a co.creative team member to talk business strategy and product/service positioning

  • One hour-long Graphic Design Call to review and enhance your work

  • Access to screen share videos and bonus documents for more complex lessons

  • Access to a kick-ass community of like-minded soulpreneurs to journey with

  • Access to customized add-on services, at exclusive program rates, including: copywriting, graphic design, photography + videography, and more!

  • Discounted rates and exclusive offers to client and partner events and programs

  • Discounted rate to continue your journey with us and learn how to bring your brand online and create a marketing strategy


  • Invitations to our in-person meetups (happy-hour-meets-sister-circle) in major cities

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how you’ll get there.

You’ll be given step-by-step guidance in the form of a lesson plan, regular group or one-on-one coaching calls, and regular reminders + inspiration. We’ll also encourage you to connect with other women in the group to have virtual wine dates and talk through your work (trust us, co-creation is magical).

  • Week 1: Meet your community + complete lessons 1-3

  • Week 2: Values Workshop + complete lessons 4-5

  • Week 3: Clarity Call to discuss business strategy + complete lessons 6-8

  • Week 4: Graphic Design Call to discuss your brand + complete lesson 9 + complete your Brand Book

Check out our 28 Day BEGIN calendar here.



we’ve got you.

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“BEGIN was an amazing process to work through.”

I started with a tiny, vague idea of the “why” I wanted to create a business and purpose but was overwhelmed with how to actually start and work through it. I thought that because I came from a business background – including a university degree in marketing – I should be able to figure it out on my own. And truthfully, I did, because this program empowers you to create your business on your own, with the support of a great team and an extremely well thought-out and well laid-out process. It’s so aptly named, because once you begin it’s so easy to just follow the steps and see your ideas all coming together so seemingly effortlessly.

I love that this program allowed me to bring together both my soul-based ideas and purpose with smart, savvy business acumen. I went from having a vague purpose (literally just: I want to help and heal women) to actually creating a business with offerings, workshops, logos, branding, etc. I’m SO happy I invested in myself, my purpose, and this program to help me bring all my ideas together!

— Jenna M.


are you ready to begin?

Before welcoming you into the 28-day program, we want to get to know you! It’s important to us to make sure we are, in fact, the right team + community to help you begin.

After filling out the form below, you will receive a link to book a 30-minute Discovery Call with our team to discuss where your business is at and what you need.

Harpreet M. Dayal testimonial

“BEGIN has really helped me explore and understand my purpose, myself, and my brand.”

It has been so pivotal in building the foundation for my entrepreneurial venture and has given me valuable direction!

— Harpreet D.


We should also mention —

we brought our manifesto to life by designing BEGIN around these principles:

EMPOWERMENT. We believe in you, and we want you to believe in you too. We want to be a part of your journey and success by giving you the knowledge, support, and tools you need to be confident and business savvy. When you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, give us a call or opt for an add-on. When your business inevitably grows and evolves down the road, we want you to have the know-how to do the work, and the experience to know which parts you want to hire out.

THE HEART + HEAD. Old-school business teachings have been telling us that we must ignore (or override) the heart when it comes to the “logical” act of doing business. We say: f*ck that. We’re all about making your heart and head do what they do best. This means letting your heart’s wisdom, desires, and intuition take the spotlight during the creation process… and using your head to make + execute the plans that bring those creations to life.

SPIRIT. We believe that you were put on this planet for a reason, and when you make space to discover what that reason is, your business will reveal itself. We also believe that everything is energy and your vibe attracts your tribe. If you run your business from a place of fear, stress, and desperation, you’ll probably end up with less desirable clients and an empty bank account. But if you operate with joy, alignment, and purpose, the kickass clients (and money!) will naturally flow your way. (Thanks, Law of Attraction.)

UNFILTERED YOU. In our opinion, the worst thing you can be is a fake version of yourself because you think that’s what it takes to be successful. Yuck. You know what your best selling feature is? It’s not your education, your expertise, or your ability to make a killer PowerPoint presentation and pull off a pencil skirt. It’s YOU. It’s the way you talk and think and laugh and listen and create. THIS is what we want to bring to life online, because you are what makes your business irresistible. We’ll help you discover what this means and how to let it shine so you can attract clients you love.

WORKING SMART. Working hard means powering away for hours at a task someone else could have done in 20 minutes. It means hustling for the sake of hustling, and wearing “busy” as a badge of honour. Working smart means creating a foundation, processes, and systems that work for you. It means honouring your time and energy by only doing what you do best. We’ve designed BEGIN to help you get clear on how to best spend your time, because we want to see you thrive in your own definition of success.

CO-CREATION. No, we don’t know it all, and we certainly can’t do it all. This is why we rounded up our amazing partners to co-create this program. It takes a village to raise a business, and our  community of bright, creative lights can help raise yours too. Really, all we want is for our people (yourself included) to connect and love each other and work together. Because who knows, someone might become a game changer for you in the future.  

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 it’s time to begin.


If all that sounds great, but you still have a few questions about BEGIN, let’s break it down —

Take BEGIN if:

  • You’re new to the world of entrepreneurship, and tasks like designing a cool brand make you wish for simpler times. Where do you even start?

  • You dipped your toe into branding or marketing and pulled it right back out, overwhelmed by all the (expensive! contradictory!) advice out there.

  • You started your business a while ago, but it feels lifeless. It has no vibrancy, no alignment. Maybe it’s veered away from what you originally envisioned. Maybe it never got there to begin with.

  • A lot of courses aren’t attractive to you because they’re either 100% self-guided (and you’re not kidding yourself – you’ll never finish the homework), or they only cover a few aspects of the many elements you need at this stage of the game.

  • You have a stake in your business. You want it to look like you, feel like you, sound like you. Because you know that YOU are the best selling feature of your business.

  • You want your business to have a beating heart, and you frequently lose yourself in the dreams and visions that come from your heart space. We have a strongly intuitive approach at studio co.creative. We believe that your heart is for creating your vision, and your head is for bringing that vision to life. If this resonates with your outlook on life, then you have found your people!

  • You’re MOTIVATED. You want to build a wonderful brand for your business sooner than later, because you have BIG PLANS. You’re ready and motivated to block out time for creation, experimentation, and deep-diving into this process.

  • Finally, you understand - and want to use - the power of COMMUNITY. This program brings together all kinds of amazing magic-makers, because no one can do it all alone. Your fellow BEGINners are unreal, and the program partners you meet will allow you to tap into new wisdom, knowledge, and support.

Don’t take BEGIN (seriously, just don’t) if:

  • You’re not willing (or able) to invest your time and, most importantly, energy, into the process of creating your business. A lot of this work requires patience, introspection, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. Even though we offer a ton of amazing add-ons that will get you there in whatever fashion you choose, YOU are still the major ingredient. Without you, all we’d have is an orange rind and a few bitters. #cheers

  • Your branding is already top notch - and working! Our program is called BEGIN for a reason. It’s aimed at people who are beginning, or beginning again. Which brings us to our next point…

  • You’re not down to rebuild. BEGIN starts right at the foundation. Think of your business like a house — sometimes you have to take off the roof, dismantle a few walls, and donate an expensive I-thought-I-loved-it-but-it-doesn’t-really-work painting in order to create the house you really want. If you aren’t ready to start fresh, create without the burden of sunk costs, and begin again as needed, don’t take this program.

  • Your main goal is to fulfill a vision that comes from an idea of what you think other people want from you. We want to express an unfiltered version of you, not a version of who you think you need to be in order to be “successful.” You might not know what “you” look and sound like yet, but you must be willing to discover that.

  • You are looking for a website or graphic design course. This is NOT a technical course, but rather a program in which you’ll be supported as you move from overwhelm to branding + marketing savvy.

Available Add-Ons:

These optional add-ons are designed to enhance the work that’s done in the program. It’s kinda like building your own pizza — pick the toppings according to your skill set or needs. You’ll be presented with these add-ons throughout the program (whenever it’s relevant to the lesson). Choose none, some, or all; they’ll be available to you for three months following program registration.

  • Custom Website ($2,200+)*

  • Website Landing Page ($297+)*

  • Photoshoot (Calgary clients only) ($250+)*

  • Videography (Calgary clients only) ($1,500+)*

  • Copywriting ($285+)*

  • Logo Development ($500+)*

The fine print:

The investment for BEGIN is $1,197* (individually, each component would total over $3,000!). If a payment plan is required, arrangements can be discussed on your Discovery Call. Program participants get access to the content and community on the cohort start date (the first Monday of the month), and will have access for 60 days. Click here to view the T+C for the Program and the add-ons.

*All prices are in USD and inclusive of sales tax.

More questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Or, if you’re not sure if BEGIN is right for you, book a Discovery Call with our Founder, Robyn. She’ll be able to assess where you’re at, what you need, and see if BEGIN is the right program to get you to where you want to be.