A 1-day in-person, first-class experience to help you unlock new levels of clarity & confidence in your brand, business, and beyond.


The Brand Capsule®

September 2022 • Calgary, ab

Certain problems will notify you of this stickiness – perhaps ineffective marketing, a disjointed team, a subpar website, or decreasing sales – but these will merely be symptoms, not the root cause... and landing the next big client, having your TikTok go viral, or hiring a rockstar salesperson won't fix it. 

Here's the truth: if your brand doesn't tell the full story of your deeper purpose, your true expertise, or your next-level vision – while connecting with your dream clients' identity & values – you'll miss out on the income and impact you deserve. The good news? Telling this story isn't as hard as you think it is.

Your vision will evolve, you'll outgrow your current clients, and your business' shift in identity will stunt its sales. not to mention the existential crisis you'll face as its leader: who am i now, and why did I start this business in the first place?

Your purpose-driven business will inevitably hit a point of stickiness along its growth trajectory.

The Brand Capsule® 1-day live experience

Build your brand from the soul up, and live it from the inside out.

Heart-centered business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders who believe that purpose and profit aren't mutually exclusive. Whether you're just starting out or are a decade in, whether you're a for-profit or non-profit, you will never look at your brand or business the same way.


During the day, Robyn will guide you through the entire Brand Capsule® system – resulting in a comprehensive and cohesive North Star to guide you through all future strategic and creative decisions. Your workbook, coffee, snacks, and a chef-prepared lunch are all included... plus some epic bonuses (read on to learn what they are).

What's included in the experience?

We will gather in September 2022 (date TBD) from 9:30am-5:00pm at Azuridge Estate, just outside of Calgary. Immersing yourself in this luxurious environment, nestled amongst the beautiful rolling Alberta foothills, will help you unlock greater inspiration and creativity. 


The Live experience

meet you here

Learn a new way to think about your brand & business (hint: it comes down to purpose and alignment)

Uncover your Brand Soul: its Purpose, Vision, and Values (get ready to go deep)

Build your Brand Strategy: who it's Serving, what its Offerings are, and what its Mission is

Refine your Brand Style: communicate the essence of your brand both visually and verbally – its Aesthetics, its Name (including sub-brands and taglines), and its Voice

Weave it all together into a cohesive, workable strategy – the new North Star for your business

In one day, you will:

Together we'll dive deep into the heart & soul of your business, creating a cohesive foundation to inform your company's marketing, sales, operations, and more.

This isn’t any ordinary brand strategy. The Brand Capsule® is your company's declaration, foundation, and orientation.

The Brand Capsule®

What clients have said about The Brand Capsule®:

Ray Mirzabegian, Canniatric™

"After working with Studio Co.Creative, our team absolutely feels a renewed purpose and a bigger, better vision. Our brand has a very powerful story, but it wasn't told properly up to now. The Brand Capsule™ process was very pleasant and easy."

Marci Hamilton, Blue Spark Energy

"Working through The Brand Capsule™ was a really unique experience, the process itself was well thought out. The real benefit was in translating vision and ideas into a digestible format that can be shared throughout the organization."

Beth McNeill, MB Pension & Benefits Group

"Going through The Brand Capsule™ was an incredible experience for me and my team. It gave me the confidence to apply for BC Business's Top 30 Under 30... which I won!"

Andrea Basson, REC Media

"The Brand Capsule™ has become an incredible resource and tool that we use on a daily basis, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result."

Alisha Olandesca, Creekside Fractional CFO

"Robyn's depth of understanding is absolutely remarkable. Her ability to tease out what was truly important is a rare skill. Now I feel confident that my brand is truly reflective of who I am and what I do."

valued at $500+

If The Brand Capsule® has exposed some gaps or inconsistencies within your brand or business, our team at Studio Co.Creative can support you with a number of creative & strategic services. And because you've already done the hard part (your brand strategy!), we can design/strategize/write/create much more efficiently. Post-workshop, we can connect for a Discovery Call to create a custom plan – and we'll take 10% off the total.

Preferred Pricing on Co.Creative Services

valued at $2,000

Our day together will be action-packed, and we know you'll need to refresh yourself on some of the materials as you begin to take action in your business. With that in mind, we will grant you one year of access to The Brand Capsule® Online Course – think of it as your training wheels as you adopt the mindset of a brand strategist! We recommend you revisit the process quarterly to strengthen your Capsule over the course of the year.

The Brand Capsule® Online Course

valued at $500

The work doesn't end when you walk out The Brand Capsule® doors. You'll leave with a game plan for what needs to be refreshed (or overhauled) in your business, and clarity on how to make it happen. But we know that questions will pop up along the way – so we'll schedule a 1 hour 1:1 Zoom check-in 30 days post-workshop. This is your time to show us what you've done, and ask for input or guidance to help keep you on track.

Post-Event 1:1 Implementation Call

The bonuses

One-time payment of

Company ticket

One-time payment of

Individual Ticket

total value of the brand capsule® plus bonuses is $12,000+

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Pricing in Canadian dollars

The full day live experience at Azuridge includes your workbook, coffee, snacks, and a chef-prepared lunch, as well as all bonuses: 1:1 Implementation Call, 1-year access to The Brand Capsule® Online Course, and 10% off Co.Creative services.



Pricing in Canadian dollars

Bring up to 4 team members from the same company, allowing all necessary decision-makers or key personnel to co-create the brand strategy. Each team member will receive their workbook, coffee, snacks, lunch, and bonuses.



Pricing in Canadian dollars

Bring up to 4 team members from the same company, allowing all necessary decision-makers or key personnel to co-create the brand strategy. Each team member will receive their workbook, coffee, snacks, lunch, and bonuses.


Join the Waitlist

Pricing in Canadian dollars

The full day live experience at Azuridge includes your workbook, coffee, snacks, and a chef-prepared lunch, as well as all bonuses: 1:1 Implementation Call, 1-year access to The Brand Capsule® Online Course, and 10% off Co.Creative services.


I am a brand & marketing strategist whose education, experience, and intuition come together to help clients expand and articulate their purpose. My unique ability to uncover the connecting pieces between where they've been, where they are, and where they want to go is what fuels our clients’ strategic & creative direction, giving them the clarity and confidence to see what’s possible.

I founded my brand & marketing agency, Studio Co.Creative, in 2017 – and quickly realized a missing piece with each creative project we took on: their brand strategy. Not just their colors or fonts, but the very soul of their business: who they are, what they do, who they do it for, and why.

What started as a simple exercise to generate authentic content for clients' websites evolved into my signature methodology, The Brand Capsule® – my secret weapon for building authentic, aligned brands & businesses. Not only has this process helped each client who has walked through Co.Creative's doors, it has also helped me navigate each phase of my own business evolution – keeping me anchored in purpose while I continue to grow as a soul-led entrepreneur. 


I'm Robyn, and I believe the best brands are built from the soul up.

MEET YOUR brand capsule guide

We believe there is a new way to build impactful businesses & brands. A simpler way. A lighter way. A way that is rooted in purpose and authenticity. A way that cuts through the noise and lets the heart & soul of your business shine through. A way that creates deep resonance and lasting impact with the people you are here to serve.

We believe most business’s challenges can be solved by going to the root, the core, the brand. Knowing who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why. We believe some rules are meant to be broken if it means showing up in integrity & truth (and intelligent positioning). We believe in resonance. Alignment. Co-creation. And we believe that the best brands are built from the soul up... and lived from the inside out.‍

Our purpose is to (re)connect you with your purpose – to uncover the best and truest version of your brand, chisel it away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you. 

Let's build your brand from the soul up.

step into your next level of success


Short answer: every phase. Long answer: we usually find the sweet spot is at the 3-8 year mark. It's around this point that an entrepreneur will feel the discomfort from outgrowing the "1.0" version of their brand. The Brand Capsule® helps them get clear on who they are now, integrating their hard-won learning and growth.

However, dozens of new entrepreneurs have deeply benefited from this process. The Brand Capsule® has allowed them to build their business faster and on a stronger foundation, and is a process they can revisit at every new phase in their entrepreneurial journey.

Large or more complex businesses are a better fit for our Private Workshop approach. Get in touch to schedule a Discovery Call.

what stage of business growth is the brand capsule® best for?

We are anticipating running a 1-day virtual live workshop this Fall for our global friends. Sign up for our waitlist to get notified for these announcements:

I'm not able to join you in person in Calgary in September. What are my other options?

We're so glad you asked. Your brand is more than just your logo and colors – it's your company’s first impression; it is the essence of your company, and the reason why clients should choose you over anyone else. It’s what people say about you when you leave the room. It's the foundation for your business "house", allowing you to build and grow from a place of purpose. It's what you do, who you are, who you do it for, and why.

For a deeper dive, check out our Soul & Strategy Series on Youtube to go over some of the basics, or you can watch this free training for a brief overview of The Brand Capsule® (start at 18m 20s if you're short on time).

If you have any other questions to determine if this is a fit for you, you can reach out to Robyn at robyn@studiococreative.com.

What is a brand strategy, and why do I need one?

First things first: brand strategy is business strategy through the lens of your brand. Brand identity (also known as branding, or brand communications) is one of the many ways through which your brand strategy comes to life. The Brand Capsule® focuses on brand strategy, including some high level visual guidelines. If you need design work done, we strongly recommend you work with us (or another experienced designer) to bring your brand visuals to life. 

For added context, check out our videos on the difference between brand strategy and brand communications and how to save money on design projects.

will this teach me how to design my own brand identity?