Testimonial from Lucy Paget

I was in transition phase when I met Robyn. I had a collection of ideas that I was longing to build a business around. My husband and I had sold the osteopathic we'd run for 10 years. I was ready to do ‘my' next thing.

When I met Robyn I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. She immediately ‘got’ what I wanted to create — and we came up with an action plan that felt smooth and easy to implement.

She is so full of warmth and she’s got the brightest, quickest thinking brain.

My new business launched effortlessly. My website is a perfect representation of what I’d dreamt of putting out into the world.

You know sometimes - back in the days maybe when you did art classes - when you'd visualise what you were going to paint and it didn't turn out how you’d hoped? Well - my experience with Robyn was the opposite - I dreamt up a beautiful concept - and that came through in all the areas Robyn has helped me with: my website, my social media channels and my e-book ‘The Community Table’.

I have love… love… loved, working with Robyn.

— Lucy Paget


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