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The Brand Capsule™ is a new way to uncover, understand, and align your company’s soul, style, and strategy — encapsulated in both a digital working tool and a beautiful, coffee-table-style book.





This isn’t any ordinary brand or marketing strategy. This is a foundation, a declaration, an encapsulation. Our mission is to uncover the heart + soul of your business, align each element of your brand and identity with it, and bring it to life in a beautifully printed book — something you (and we) can be proud of for years to come.

We are Beauty-Makers, Visionaries, and Strategists, and want to use our gifts to help you grow with clarity and alignment.


This one’s for the mission-driven; the heart-centered; the big dreamers; the ones who care to live into their values; the ones who believe that purpose and profit are not mutually exclusive; the ones who know there is magic in co-creation and collaboration.

You may have found yourself a bit off-track, unsure of how to pivot your brand, communicate your message, and align your team as you grow. You’re ready to do big things, you just need a boost of inspiration.


At first glance, you may see the Capsule as a clever marketing piece — something you can put in your front lobby, or woo potential clients with.

When you look closer, though, you’ll notice that the Capsule is the ultimate foundation for your brand, marketing, communications, and sales strategy. This is something your team can both rally around and reference; it’s the guiding light to ensure your company is living its purpose in a beautiful, impactful way.

Working with co.creative to create our Brand Capsule was one of the best decisions our organization has ever made.

We aimed to refresh our brand before investing in digital advertising, and creating a Brand Capsule helped us translate who we were as an organization into something more tangible and sharable. The team was able to ask the right questions — ones that let us deep dive into who we were, what we wanted, and where we were going. The Brand Capsule is now the foundation we use to grow our business on. I cannot recommend co.creative enough.

— Alisha Olandesca, SOS Charging Solutions



Fun. Easy. Impactful.

Our process has been designed to extract your wisdom, passion, and experience, and align it with all aspects of your branding and marketing strategy. Through our workshops, we explore your company’s purpose, vision, mission, values, dream clients, products and/or services, visual brand (logo, colours, fonts, imagery), business and social media names, and tone + personality.

The process typically takes 4-8 weeks, depending on your availability as well as any add-on services (like web design) that you request along the way. All content and communication is centralized in your Client Portal, allowing you to re-visit our emails, content approvals, contracts, invoices, and forms at any time.

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discovery call

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project form + contract

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“SOUL” workshop

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“strategy” workshop

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“style” workshop

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the brand capsule™





Our first 2-hour workshop is focused on the soul of the business, and is intended to dive deeper into your company’s story — understanding how it began, why it needed to exist, where you envision the company in the future, and what core values you align with to conduct business.


Our next 2-hour workshop is focused on various strategic components of the business by gaining a clear understanding of who you are serving with your products and services, what those products and services are, and finally, what your mission is each day in your business.


Our final 2-hour workshop is focused on brand style. We will build upon any brand guidelines you may have, as well as use the information uncovered in our Capsule process to further develop how the company brand is visually represented and how it communicates.


For all Calgary-based clients, our workshops will be conducted at our (or your) office. For all non-local clients, our workshops will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing — or, we can come to you! — travel arrangements can be discussed during our Discovery Call.


Our team will encapsulate the brand components identified + developed throughout our workshops, designing the content in both print and digital format. You will receive three* printed books, a PDF version designed to be a working tool for your business, and more clarity than you can dream of.

*Additional copies can be printed at your request.

Available Add-On Services

Additional services can be selected in the initial Project Form, or requested throughout the project. These services are intended to bring your Capsule to life in other formats to ensure consistency and alignment across all brand- and marketing-related platforms.

Services include:

  • Custom Website Design

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Logo Development

  • Brand Photoshoot*

*Available in Calgary or Los Angeles


the benefits

Your brand is your company’s first impression. Make it shine by infusing it with purpose, beauty, alignment, consistency, and clarity.



Ways to use your Capsule

01. As a foundation for a brand audit or update.

02. As a foundation for marketing strategy + activities — from copywriting, to website content, to social media, to visual standards, and inspiration.

03. As marketing collateral — give potential or existing clients a printed copy of your Capsule to communicate your uniqueness.

04. To build your communication strategy, and achieve consistency with the way your brand, products, and services are presented.

05. To gain clarity on how all components of your purpose, brand, and marketing work together.

06. For team building or new hire training (give your team the Capsule and they’ll know who you are, what you do, and how to communicate it).

07. To document your company’s evolution by commissioning a new edition of your Capsule every few years


your company has bootstrapped its way to early success, but now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Our Brand Capsule has become an incredible resource and tool that we use on a daily basis, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Studio Co.Creative's vast industry knowledge, professionalism, and collaborative approach made the process both fun and insightful; they really helped Rec Media define and capture the essence of our brand!

— Andrea Basson, Rec Media



Before we begin — let’s jump on a Discovery Call to ensure that we’re a good fit, that the Capsule will meet your business needs and goals, and to answer any questions you may have.