wine + whiteboarding

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consulting meets happy hour.

Come by the Studio for a 2-hour session to blow through your marketing challenges, gain clarity on your company’s vision, and leave with big-picture ideas and action-item steps.

(Did we mention it’s fun?)


Why we do this

The concept first started in our own meetings. Whenever we found ourselves stuck or lacking creativity, we’d pull out a bottle of wine and our whiteboard. Lo and behold, a couple of hours later, we were unstuck with more ideas than we knew what to do with.

Next came our clients and friends. They would feel stuck, give us a call, we’d crack open a bottle, and dive into their challenges and vision. They’d walk away feeling on top of the world, clear on where they’re headed and the steps needed to get there.

Sometimes, all we need is to talk through our challenges with people who care (and who also appreciate a nice pinot).

What to expect

We’d like to think W+W is like consulting-meets-happy-hour-meets-chatting-with-your-best-friend. Come solo, or with a few trusted team members — during our two hour session, we will quickly identify your pain points, solutions, quick wins, and long term plans. We can review your branding, marketing strategy and outputs, revenue streams, and everything in between.

After we’re done, our team will prepare formalized meeting notes that include suggestions on next steps, tools + resources, connections, and a summary of our ideas and vision.

In one session, the co.creative team changed my day, my month, and potentially my business. I received more value in one meeting than any other marketing support I’ve engaged to date.



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There’s no need to come prepared with anything other than an open mind and good vibes.