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Our services are designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses who may not have the expertise (or cash) to hire a full-time marketing team or a big agency. We'll co-create with you, all the way from dreaming + visioning, to finding success and rocking it out. 

Wherever you're at in your journey, we'll tailor our services to your timelines and budget so that you can grow successfully (and authentically, because #manifesto).

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brand kickstart

This one’s for the visionary entrepreneur.

You’re ready to use your gifts to serve others and make the world a better place. (We like you already.) Whether you’re just starting out, or already have an established business but are needing a refresh, you know that having an online presence and a strong brand is essential to your vision. You are the expert in what you offer, but you need some guidance and support to make it shine online.

How we help.

Regardless of where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, we want to offer you a customized solution for what you need at this point in time. We’ll work with you to hone your vision, help craft your brand, create your website, build your social media platforms, and give you a strategy to follow. By the time the project is done, our goal is to have given you the tools, strategy, and confidence to run your social media and marketing (and maybe even the world).



marketing maintenance

This one’s for the lean entrepreneur.

Your business and brand are off the ground, and money’s rollin’ in. You’ve defined your processes enough to keep your team lean and are an outsourcing queen (or king). You know that actively posting to your social media platforms is important, but you don’t have the time (or desire) to do that. In other words, you want to take advantage of the power of social media, but don’t want to DIY.

How we help

We take over your social media scheduling for you. We’ll make sure fresh content is always in the pipeline, and we’ll work with you to create content and captions that align with your brand voice and values. We become an extension of your team, and help grow awareness online around all the cool stuff you’re doing. 



strategy + coaching

This one’s for the seasoned entrepreneur. 

You’ve built your brand, built your team, and are successfully growing your business. The only problem: you know you need to be “marketing” or “on social media,” but no one on your team is actually trained in these areas. You’re just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. You might know that there’s both an art and a science to marketing, but you’re not sure how to pull it all together to best serve your business.

How we help

We set up one-off, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings to coach you and your team on how to perform various marketing tasks. We’ll be your second set of eyes; your on-call strategist; your Dream Team coach. We’ll help get your team engaged in championing your business, and make sure that you’re working smart, not hard, in building your online presence. 


client love

I was in transition phase when I met Robyn. I had a collection of ideas that I was longing to build a business around. My husband and I had sold the osteopathic we'd run for 10 years. I was ready to do ‘my' next thing.


When I met Robyn I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. She immediately 

‘got’ what I wanted to create — and we came up with an action plan that felt smooth and easy to implement. 

She is so full of warmth and she’s got the brightest, quickest thinking brain.


My new business launched effortlessly. My website is a perfect representation of what I’d dreamt of putting out into the world. 

You know sometimes - back in the days maybe when you did art classes - when you'd visualise what you were going to paint and it didn't turn out how you’d hoped? Well - my experience with Robyn was the opposite - I dreamt up a beautiful concept - and that came through in all the areas Robyn has helped me with: my website, my social media channels and my e-book ‘The Community Table’. 



I have love…love… loved, working with Robyn.

Lucy Paget,

Working with Robyn has been nothing short of amazing. I had reached a point in my business where “doing it myself” just wasn’t going to bring the results I wanted. I was ready to stand out and be noticed. 



I chose Robyn to help me emerge from my cocoon because she stands for all things divine feminine and leads with her heart. I saw myself and my brand in her. Discovering my brand design was easy with Robyn’s guided step-by-step process. She always made me feel like my business mattered the most to her. Task management software helped us communicate in an organized way and the regular progress meetings really helped me stay in touch, address changes, and see progress. 



Robyn’s life coach training, combined with her academic marketing degree and her genuine interest in all things beautiful, helped me bring my inner truth online and into the world. 

Yvonne Winkler,
Freedom Seeker, Co-Creator and founder of the Lotus Emerging Entrepreneur Program

I enthusiastically recommend Robyn for the work she has done with me for our new website and social media initiatives. Robyn has a deep understanding of her craft, and is able to take an idea and bring it to life on screen. I like her contemporary style, creative suggestions and professional approach. Thank you for making it fun!

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