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We are an anti-marketing marketing agency.

(And this is why)


We are inundated with thousands of marketing messages everyday. "Putting lipstick on a pig" has become common practice in the advertisements we see. There are so many strategies, all with the end goal of convincing/tricking/manipulating you to spend money.

We're not going to argue the Facebook algorithms, or that "lead magnets" work. And we will still use CTAs (click here to learn more). The tools and strategies that enable people to share their messages and offerings are great. Let's use them. But what's crazy/funny/ironic is that there's a growing trend in marketing: authenticity. How is this a "trend"? And why is it not a requirement... or at least an inherent value or consideration. Companies both large and small are being told by their marketers to be more real; less perfect, more relatable and approachable. Yes - these are all great qualities to hone. But shouldn't this be the standard?

Well, in our world it is. We believe in energy. vibration. resonance. We believe in what we call the lighthouse effect: your tribe will arrive in your harbour, so long as you/your business is authentically shining your light. And ultimately, we believe in co-creation (in case you couldn't tell). Co-creation means not only collaborating with each other and others to help you shine, but also co-conspiring, if you will, with forces seen and unseen. The earth. The cosmos. The seasons and cycles. The true source of inspiration.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that we want to uncover the best and truest version of your brand. The best and truest version of you. Chisel away, polish it up, and put it out in the world so that those who need you can find you. 

We won't promise you perfect, but we can promise you beauty. Because beauty is found in truth.  In purpose. In service. And in great Instagram grids.



let us introduce ourselves.

robyn hounjet

Robyn Hounjet

founder + CEO


Robyn is a Beauty Maker, a Connector, and a Visionary. She finds joy in making things beautiful, connecting with heart-centered people, and being inspired + inspiring. Her creativity stems from her ability to ideate - to combine things she's seen, read, heard, or experienced into something new - as well as her intuition. 

Robyn's mission is to help "soul-preneurs" and people doing good work get set up for success. Her B.Comm in Marketing, social media and online marketing training, marketing and sales background, and consulting experience is enhanced by her training as an "Essential You" Life Coach, which gives her a unique perspective in helping clients uncover their light and bring it online.

I want to use my gifts to help bring your gifts into the world.

mikayla grace

Mikayla Grace

Creative director + COO


“There is no better joy than helping people around you go to levels higher than they ever thought they could.” – Danny Gilbert

Mikayla's passion for people, beauty, creativity, and helping others shine - paired with her super-human organizational skills - is what keeps the co.creative train rollin'. Her background ranges from interior design to sales and marketing, and her unique gifts bring structure and innovation to our team. 

She is inspired by all the incredible and influential women doing great things in the world (and we think she's one of them). 

When she's not making magic for our clients, you can probably find her at the dog park with our office dog, Lexi the Westie, travelling the world, or drinking wine with her besties. 




these are our people.


These pals are an extension of studio co.creative's team; we couldn't do what we do without them.


Our favourite people to collaborate with; we recommend them in a heartbeat.